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Occupation: Business Owner.

Occupational Background: Founder SUPERVINYL SIGNS and BANNERS-1989, Founder Uncle Sam Signs, First Class Productions.

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science, University of Oregon-1982. Westmont College Undergraduate Studies. North Salem High School Graduate-1977.

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected 2 terms Salem/Keizer School Board of Directors. Chairperson, Salem/Keizer School District Citizens Budget Committee. Elected 2 terms Salem Suburban Rural Fire Protection District, Current Vice President. Council of Governments Board Member. OSBA Leadership Oregon-1999.

Mark Adams is running for Polk County Commissioner. He has a distinguished record in public service and in business.

Mark and his family have lived in Polk County for many years. He has served on the Salem-Keizer School Board, and the Salem Suburban Rural Fire Board. And other numerous boards and organizations.

He has successfully run his business, Supervinyl Signs for 21 years, and has worked with a large number of Polk County businesses in helping them to become more successful.

--Mark’s experiences in politics have given him a broad network of politicians who need to be involved in the addressing of Polk County issues like roads, the economy and education.

--Mark’s experience as a conservative business person has shown him first hand the importance of conservative business practices and the importance of not spending money you don’t have.

--Mark’s tremendous network of friends and supporters, through his years of service, along with his church, family and business relationships allow him to get direct, honest feedback about the most critical issues facing Polk County today:

Mark Adams is the right guy for Polk County Commissioner. He has experience, values and energy to address the issues which face Polk County in the years ahead.

(This information furnished by Mark Adams.)


Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722