State Representative

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Occupation: Geologist/ Small Business Owner Operator

Occupational Background: Over 30 years experience in business and industry; Small Businessman: Owner of Paleo Adventures; Executive Director Oregon Paleo Lands Institute; Water Resources Geologist and Business Owner; Vice President for Air Force Programs, CH2MHILL, Inc; Defense Programs Manager, Radian Corporation

Educational Background: B.A. History/Geology, University of Texas at Austin; Post-Graduate Studies Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Wheeler County Planning Commission; Wheeler County Commission on Children and Families; Eastern Oregon Visitors Association; John Day River Territory Marketing and Economic Development Committee

Digging for jobs

As a small business owner and a geologist, Will Boettner knows first hand that you can't just talk about new jobs-you have to get your hands dirty creating them. Because he's not a politician, Boettner won't settle for state programs that bring minimal jobs to our area-he'll work to put economic development east of the mountains front and center.

Salem's misplaced priorities

Instead of legislators standing up for NYC banks and out of state corporations, Will Boettner will fight for Oregon's small businesses. Boettner understands that in order for our communities to thrive we need to make small business growth a top priority.

Strong Communities

Families come first. Will Boettner knows we aren't looking for a free ride, but we deserve safe communities and good schools. Boettner will make sure this side of the mountain gets our fair share for education and public safety.

Not another pretty voice

Enough with the double speak and political rhetoric. Will Boettner doesn't make his living talking at people. You can count on Boettner stopping the political babble and getting down to work for you-not the special interests.

"Let's not rely on politicians to deliver for us. Let's choose someone that wears boots to work, drives a pick-up and knows that in order to change things you might have to get your hands dirty."- Will Boettner

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Will Boettner.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722