District Attorney

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Edwin I

Occupation: Klamath County District Attorney.

Occupational Background: Klamath County District Attorney 1985-Present; Deputy District Attorney, Klamath County 1982-84; General practice of law, Lane County, Oregon 1979-1982.

Educational Background: University of Oregon School of Law, Juris Doctor, 1979; Brockport State University, Bachelors Degree, 1975.

Prior Governmental Experience: Founder of Klamath County Citizen’s for Safe Schools; Elder Abuse Task Force; Methamphetamine Task Force; Anti-Terrorism Task Force; DUII Task Force; Domestic Violence Reduction Unit. Appointed to Attorney General’s Violent Crime Task Force; Governor’s Corrections Task Force.

Your District Attorney: Fighting for a Safe Community.

  • Ed Caleb supports Measure 11 passed by voters to provide mandatory sentences for violent criminals who commit homicide, assault, robbery, and sexual offenses.

  • Ed Caleb fights to keep violent convicts where they belong: in prison.

  • Ed Caleb’s top priority is the protection of children from neglect, abuse, sexual crimes, and internet crimes directed at our kids and grandkids.

  • Ed Caleb helps victims get restitution from criminals. He protects vulnerable citizens by focusing on elder abuse and domestic violence.

  • Ed Caleb believes that water is life. He worked to protect water rights in 2001.

  • Ed Caleb founded Citizens for Safe Schools to provide a safe educational environment.

  • Ed Caleb founded Klamath County’s Methamphetamine Task Force to confront our most dangerous drug problem.

  • Ed Caleb: Leadership to protect Klamath County and preserve our way of life.

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Ed Caleb Klamath County District Attorney.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722