Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Occupation: Superintendent of Public Instruction

Occupational Background: Journalist, KVAL-TV, Eugene, 1982-1997; State Senator, 1997-2003.

Educational Background: B.A., Oregon State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator 1997-2002; Vice-Chair, Senate Education Committee; Chair, Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance.

Dear Oregonian,

The most important part of my job is fighting for the needs of all students. When we set high expectations, every student can learn the lessons that will prepare them for work or college and success in the 21st Century economy.

The reasons I fight so hard for our schools are personal as well. My mother never got past the 8th grade, but my parents strongly valued education in my home. With their support, I was the first to graduate from a university.

I am honored to serve the students and schools of Oregon and ask for your vote.

Susan Castillo

Susan Castillo’s Commitment to Oregon Schools

  • Leading the fight to make class sizes manageable, keep teachers in the classroom, and protect programs that are vital for our students.

“During these tough economic times, when every penny counts, Susan cut her own office budget by 30% to make sure programs that serve schools wouldn’t have to cut further.” Governor Barbara Roberts

  • Giving teachers the support and schools the tools they need to provide a quality education for every Oregon student.

“Our schools and our students have a leader we can trust. Susan Castillo knows every student can achieve their dreams.” Jason Whiteley, High School Teacher

  • Setting clear, high expectations for students so that every child in Oregon can succeed in the 21st Century economy.

“Susan championed Oregon’s tough new diploma standards. Every student in Oregon will be better prepared to go on to college, join the workforce, or pursue vocational training.” Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian

Endorsed by those we trust: Oregon Education Association, American Federation of Teachers-Oregon, Oregon School Employees Association, Governor John Kitzhaber, Senator Ron Wyden, and many more!


(This information furnished by Susan Castillo for Superintendent of Public Instruction.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722