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Occupation:Community and Economic Development Organizer.

Occupational Background: Clackamas County Volunteer Engagement Coordinator; Connecting Oregon for Rural Entrepreneurship (CORE) Collaborative.

Educational Background: B.S. Political Science, Oregon State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Advisory role for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Business Venture.

Community Service: Founder of a philanthropy that has raised funds for the American Red Cross, victims of Hurricane Katrina, and food drives for hungry children in Oregon; Volunteer mentor.

Comfort for Oregon

Fellow Oregonians,

I'm running for State Senate to challenge the ineffective leadership that has paved the way for poor educational standards, underfunded social services, and paralyzing amounts of debt. Our community has been hampered by outdated thinking and misguided priorities.

The time has come for effective legislation that addresses the real needs of our State. Please join me in an effort to bring honest and open representation back to Salem. Your vote will change how we solve our problems for the years to come.

Here are my top priorities.

   Travis Comfort


Our children and our economy deserve better. My highest goal is to insure that every child has an equal chance at the best educators and learning practices. Oregon's economic recovery depends on innovative and work-worthy education reform. I will fight for students with good grades to be able to attend college without overwhelming debt.


I support modernizing civil rights. We are all one community and part of the human experience. Every person deserves an equal opportunity for a good life.

Social Responsibility

Oregon's next budget is estimated to be billions in the hole. This will put people out of reach from the most needed services and care. I will introduce responsive legislation that will protect the needs of Oregonians and support job growing initiatives.

We need more integrated communities for the well being of all.
Necesitamos comunidades más integradas
para el bienestar de todas.

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Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722