State Senator

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Michael W

Occupation: Fiscal Analyst, Oregon Department of Agriculture

Occupational Background: Accountant, Business Manager, Fiscal Analyst, Payroll Administrator and Discrepancy Analyst, State of Oregon; Target Associate; Salem Area Transit District; Secretary / Treasurer, Non-Profit; United States Air Force, Security Police.

Educational Background: Associate of Science Degree, Chemeketa Community College; GED, Chemeketa Community College; Certificate of Accounting, Merritt Davis College of Business; United States Air Force, Security Police; McNary High School; Whitaker Junior High School; Lake Labish Grade School.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Service: Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association
- Participate in escorts to give honor to our fallen heroes who have served and / or given the most precious gift to our country
- their lives. Freedom is not free.

I am running for State Senate to serve and refocus Oregon government on serving the people. It is time our elected officials put Oregonians first. I am tired of being at the tail end of the horse and catching what our elected officials are throwing back at us.

I am an Oregonian who believes you need to budget and stay within spending limits. You also need money in the bank before you write a check. You need to keep the checkbook balance and keep it in the black.

Oregon currently has elected officials who have a problem understanding the concepts "fiscally responsible" and "balanced budget."

I want to hear your concerns. Political correctness has gone too far and I want to bring some balance to the table.

Oregon needs elected officials who are fiscally conservative and accountable for their decisions and actions, and who fiscally live within the budget without raising taxes. We cannot put a bigger burden on families, individuals and businesses who are struggling to survive.

A balanced budget is essential for Oregon to be fiscally sound and survive.

I humbly ask for your vote.

(This information furnished by Michael Forest.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722