Judge of the Circuit Court

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Occupation: Presiding Judge, Douglas County Circuit Court

Occupational Background: Douglas County Circuit Court Judge. 28 years as a lawyer in Douglas County.

Educational Background: Doctor of Law, Lewis & Clark Law School, 1976. Cornelius Honor Society Award for Superior Scholarship. In the top 10% of Law school class. American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Achievement. B.S. Degree in Religion, Lewis & Clark College, 1973. Roseburg high school graduate.

Prior Governmental Experience: Douglas County Circuit Court Judge. City Councilor, 1990-1998. City Council President, 1993-1996. Public works Commissioner and the Chair, 1991/92 and 1995/96. Economic Development Commissioner and Chair, 1993/94. Airport Commissioner and Chair, 1997/98.

Re-elect Judge Garrison to the Douglas County Circuit Court.

Proven on the Bench

     Judge Garrison serves as Presiding Judge of the Douglas County Circuit Court. He was appointed Presiding Judge by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. He Chairs the Judicial Conduct Committee. Judge Garrison presides over complex civil cases, murder cases, serious felony trials, misdemeanors, as well as small claims. He has the breadth of experience you want in a judge.

Committed to Justice

     Judge Garrison is dedicated to approaching each case with an open mind, an even hand and with common sense. He believes each case matters and is important. Judge Garrison is Dedicated to the rule of law and the fair administration of justice. He is fair, honest, compassionate and hardworking.

Dedicated to Family and Community

     Judge Garrison is married to Mickey Garrison, respected educator. His son, Ty, is a Portland police officer. Judge Garrison is a 4th Generation Douglas County Resident. He spearheaded the fundraising for the Douglas County Headquarters Library. He is an active member of the Courthouse Christmas Tree lighting committee. Judge Garrison believes the Courts are a cornerstone of our democratic society.

     Keep Randy Garrison on the Douglas County Circuit Court.

     It is a great honor to serve Douglas County. Your vote and support are appreciated.

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-elect Randy Garrison, Circuit Judge.)

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