United States Senator

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  • Occupation: Farmer

    Occupational Background: Small Business Owner; Volunteer Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic; Personal Health Care Assistant; Bartender; Taxi Driver; DJ; Reporter.

    Educational Background: Modesto Junior College; Oregon State University; Various Fire Officer and Emergency Medical Certification Programs, classes in Business and Constitutional Law.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    Real World Democrats balance their checkbooks, keep a budget, and know that if their employer goes bankrupt, they'll lose their job. They know that you can't print money out of nothing.

    Fantasy World Democrats (and Republicans) live in huge marble palaces. They have lost touch with the real world. They pit special interest groups against each other, spend Taxpayers' money and incur debt to cement their own power and gather campaign funds. They can't help it. There is no advantage for them to not do so. After all, THEY don't have to pay the bill. The system itself is corrupting.

    It's gone too far. Our country is heading for a financial cliff. When your employer is taxed out of existence, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY will suffer. When the reckless printing of money causes punishing inflation, EVERYONE suffers. When the national debt exceeds our GDP, Our Country will be BANKRUPT.

    The Democrat Party is supposed to look out for the little guy. How on earth do these policies help protect the little guy and his family?

    I'm not a polished and slick politician, but where has that gotten us? I'm a farmer, a practical guy. Here's just some of my practical platform:

    NO NEW SPENDING-I don't care if it's "paid for". NO NEW OR INCREASED TAXES-on anybody.

    TAKE BACK all unspent bailout money. TAKE A CHAINSAW to the Budget. AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

    TERM LIMITS and REAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM, we don't need Professional Politicians.

    REDUCE HEALTH INSURANCE COSTS by allowing competition across state lines.

    PROTECT THE AMERICAN WORKER from unfair competition and the cruel, hidden tax of INFLATION.

    To see more of my platform and details: lrhooker4senate.com.

    (This information furnished by Loren Hooker.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722