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  • Occupation: State Representative, Commercial Property Developer/Owner

    Occupational Background: Legislator 2007-present, Radio Station Owner 1985-2007, Small Business Developer/Owner, Ford Dealership Manager 1980-1984, Military Police US Army.

    Educational Background: High School Graduate, some college.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Chamber Economic Development Committee, Oregon Workforce Investment Board, House Committees on Human Services, Education, Vice-Chair of Workforce Development, Ways & Means Sub-Committee on Transportation and Economic Development, On-Line Learning Task Force, Green Jobs Council, House Deputy Whip.

    Rep Huffman: Working Hard for District 59

    It has truly been my honor to serve the constituents of District 59 since 2007. I have fulfilled the promise of building relationships throughout the district and in Salem. I vigorously battle against the Salem notion that one size fits all. I remain committed to economic development, putting Oregonians back to work in the private sector and getting government regulation off the backs of businesses.

    Accomplishments: I have successfully advocated for approximately $55M for transportation infrastructure, community colleges, airports, economic development, renewable energy and relief nurseries in the past two years.

    I co-sponsored a 2009 bill that set up the state government transparency website and will continue to expand this effort.

    More To Be Done: I am one of a growing number of legislators, business organizations and individuals that have the political will to:

    Identify core functions of state government. What services should Oregon taxpayers support and what services are no longer necessary?
    Reduce the size of government and oppose Salem's reckless tax and fee increases.
    Ensure our public employee benefit and retirement commitments are not becoming unsustainable and breaking the backs of the Oregon taxpayer.

    Endorsements: Senator Ted Ferrioli, AG-PAC, Roger Beyer, Chairman, Oregon Right to Life PAC, Associated Oregon Loggers Inc., Oregon Family Council PAC, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregonians for Food & Shelter, Paulette Pyle, Director of Grass Roots.

    "John Huffman works hard for us in rural Oregon. He's smart, effective and keeps after it. He's earned our trust and support." Congressman Greg Walden.

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect John E. Huffman.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722