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  • Occupation: Pilot.

    Occupational Background: United States Navy (Ret.); Pilot, Operations and Plans Officer.

    Educational Background: Central High School ’79; Oregon State University ’85; University of Oregon School of Law ’97.

    Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Navy, 1986-1994/2000-2010; U.S. Air Force Reserve, 1995-2000; Intern, Oregon State Senate Minority Leaders’ Office, 1997; Legislative Assistant to Oregon Senator Cliff Trow, 1994.

    As a life-long resident of Polk County, I have seen its peaks and valleys, both real and figurative. In my lifetime Polk County has seen high and lows, from the downsizing of the forest industry to the rise in industries like wineries, and huge improvements in educational facilities, with full-service Western Oregon University providing outstanding educational opportunities for all residents.

    Throughout this period of change, the constant has been the livability of Polk County, a great place to live and work. The current Board of Commissioners has done an admirable job of moving the county forward in trying times, while maintaining that livability, with a view toward the future. As a County Commissioner, it is my goal to be part of this vision and keep on track for continued County improvement.

    I grew up and went to school in Polk County, graduating from Central High School, and working summers in the fields from Buena Vista to Dallas and canneries in West Salem. While in college and during time away in the Military, Polk County has remained my home. I spent time raising my own family here and built a home on property that has been in my family for 40 years. I believe that my years in Polk County, and the experience that I have gained through my education and years of service, puts me in a position to accept the challenges of serving Polk County. I sincerely ask for your help in keeping Polk County a great place, and ask for your vote so that I might continue public service as your County Commissioner.

    (This information furnished by Danny Jaffer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722