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David P

  • Occupation: Malheur County Judge; Small Business Owner.

    Occupational Background: Rancher; Rural Road District Foreman.

    Educational Background: Juntura Grade School; Graduate of Vale High School, 1972.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Malheur County Judge 2005-present; Malheur County Commissioner 1998-2004; Juntura School Board Member; National Association of Counties Transportation Committee 2008-present; 2010 Oregon Association of Counties Board of Directors, Legislative Committee, and District 1 Chair; Past National Association of Counties, Agriculture Committee; Past Oregon Association of Counties, District 1 Vice Chair, Public Land and National Resources Committee.

    Community Involvement: Past and current membership include; Oregon Livestock Producer Association; Oregon Cattlemen's Association; Oregon Farm Bureau; President of Oregon Farmers Union; Board Member of National Farmers Union; Life member of National Farmers Union; Life member of National FFA Alumni; Ontario Chamber of Commerce; St. Charles Mission; Past President of Malheur County Cattlemen's Association; Member of Ontario Elks Lodge #1690.

         I was born and raised in Malheur County. I have three sons and two grandchildren. I continue to be very involved in church, school and community functions.
         My current experience as County Judge and prior 6 years experience as a County Commissioner have given me valuable working knowledge of the interactions between county, state, and federal government.
         I have made many contacts both at the local, state, and national levels who have been very helpful with the problems and issues we face in the county. My experience, knowledge, and common sense have allowed me to fulfill the duties of Malheur County Judge. I would appreciate your vote in seeking re-election to the office of Malheur County Judge.
    Thank you.

    (This information furnished by Daniel P. Joyce.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722