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  • Occupation: Legal clerk.

    Occupational Background: Worked with at-risk children at the Serendipity Center; managed staffing company with 100 employees.

    Educational Background: Bachelors, Portland State University; JD, Lewis & Clark Law School.

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2009-current.

    Getting East County our Fair Share

    Nick Kahl went to the Legislature to put people back to work and prevent a repeat of the financial practices that caused the recession. To get there, Nick has had to stand up to some powerful special interests. But Nick won't let them win.

    And that's why Nick Kahl's hard work is starting to deliver results.

    Nick Kahl is protecting families from deceptive financial practices

    To prevent a repeat of the deceptive financial practices that plunged our economy into recession, Nick Kahl sponsored the law creating tough new homeowner protections against mortgage scams. Now, for the first time banks and mortgage lenders have to follow the same laws as other businesses.

    Nick Kahl's Jobs Plan

    1. Provide grants and low-interest loans for small business that increase hiring.
    2. Create thousands of good-paying construction jobs around the state with investments in our roads and bridges.
    3. Invest in renewable energy technology to create good-paying jobs.
    4. Support child-care subsidies for low-wage working families.
    5. Create more affordable college and community college options.
    6. Prohibit employers from using credit histories to disqualify job applicants.

    We're supporting Nick Kahl!

    Senator Ron Wyden
    Attorney General John Kroger
    Oregon Nurses Association
    Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
    Oregon State Police Officers Association/Trooper PAC
    Oregon Council of Police Associations
    SEIU Local 503


    (This information furnished by Nick Kahl.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722