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  • Occupation: Vice President Manufacturing, Knife River

    Occupational Background: Business management, Rinker Materials, Brown and Root, Inc.

    Educational Background: BA, International Relations, BYU; Masters of Business Administration, Angelo State University; Executive Certificate, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    America and Oregon Need a Change from Politics as Usual
    In 2010 voters choose between out of control big government representation and a responsive, limited government, accountable to the people. Current tax and spend policies have created more than $12 trillion in national debt on the backs of future generations (Treasury Dept).

    Wyden's Record Spending (votesmart.org)

    January 2010 Supported increasing the Public Debt to $14.29 trillion
    December 2009 Supported increasing the Public Debt limit to $12.39 trillion
    December 2009 Supported $871 Billion Health Care Package
    February 2009 Supported $787 Billion Recovery Reinvestment Act

    Loren Later Represents Real Change from Politics as Usual
    Congress needs people who will fight for the values of hard working Americans and not mortgage our future. Congressional arrogance and infighting is out of control. Loren Later is not beholden to special interests and big Investments companies who gave Sen. Wyden $235,939 in campaign cash, or the myriad of lawyers who gave him $214,732 or the Health Care Industry who pumped $239,496 into Wyden's campaign account (opensecrets.org).

    Loren Later will Focus on Job Creation and National Security as Top Priorities
    Americans want results. Whether meaningful new job programs or our effort in Afghanistan, America must remain strong. Only new leadership will help pave the way. It's time for less partisanship and more leadership in Washington.

    Get big government off the backs of the American worker
    Stop massive tax and spend policies that will bankrupt America
    Enact affordable healthcare reform without the public option
    Secure and stabilize Social Security
    Protect our borders and enhance public safety
    Restore trust in our government

    We need jobs, not rhetoric. . Oregon needs a Senator it can trust.

    (This information furnished by Loren Later.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722