State Representative

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  • Occupation: Owner, Brooks Tree Farm

    Occupational Background: Small Business Owner, 1980 - Present

    Educational Background: Silverton High School; Oregon State University

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    "Kathy has worked hard over the years I have known her to make her family nursery business successful, and I know she will work just as hard to represent us, the Oregon citizens, with fairness and concern." John Schoon, Farmer

    Kathy LeCompte.An Owner of a Local Nursery Who Understands Economics, How to Create Jobs

    Kathy LeCompte has experience with economics, creating jobs and managing international trade issues that affect Oregon's ability to be more competitive globally. Kathy wants Oregon to be a leader for job creation, not the national leader in unemployment.

    Kathy LeCompte…Why is Oregon First in Unemployment and Homelessness and Second in Hunger?

    Oregonians should be outraged with political leaders that allow our state to be a leader in unemployment, homelessness, and hunger. Kathy believes we need a non partisan approach to these issues because real people are the ones that are affected.

    Kathy LeCompte…New Taxes are Not the Answer

    Kathy LeCompte believes we don't need new taxes, but that we need to get more out of our government services and programs than we currently get. State Employees work hard, but they need better leadership. We need more accountability and oversight to get back on track, not more taxes.

    Kathy LeCompte…Endorsed by Organizations you Trust

    "Kathy LeCompte knows that we need more government accountability." Ross Day, Executive Director, Common Sense for Oregon PAC

    "Kathy's experience in natural resources would be a great asset to agriculture businesses in Oregon." Roger Beyer, Chairman, AG-PAC

    "We support Kathy LeCompte. She's looking out for small businesses, like Oregon farms." Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

    "Kathy knows first hand how important timber and agriculture businesses are to Oregon's economy." Paulette Pyle, Director of Grass Roots, Oregonians for Food and Shelter

    (This information furnished by Friends of Kathy LeCompte.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722