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  • Occupation: Business Attorney, Lane Powell PC

    Occupational Background: Small Business, Intellectual Property and Technology Attorney.

    Educational Background: BA, Brigham Young University; JD, Washburn University School of Law.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Law Clerk Extern, U.S. District Court.

    Community Involvement: General Counsel, pro bono, Special Olympics Oregon; Curriculum Committee, Hillsboro School District; House of Delegates, Oregon State Bar.

    Shawn is a fourth-generation Oregonian deeply concerned about our state's future. A father of two daughters, he and his wife care deeply about our schools, economic strength, and ability to keep up with the growing burden of state government.

    We all know someone who's lost their job and is concerned about their family's future. Shawn will promote pro-job- creation policies that support Oregon's family-owned businesses. He will work for new incentives that help local employers create jobs by allowing them to defer state taxes on new jobs until the economy rebounds.

    With the state facing a $2 billion dollar budget deficit, government must tighten its belt just like families are being forced to do. State spending has increased nearly 40% over the past six years. Few families have seen their household incomes increase 40% in that time. The Legislature must be disciplined by not overspending during prosperous times and saving for the next downturn.

    Education, above all other budgets, must be the Legislature's top financial priority. Education must be the first budget passed to protect our children from becoming the political hostages they too often become. We must also find new opportunities to modernize schools to ensure students here in Washington County receive an education that is relevant now and in the future.

    "Shawn Lindsay has experience working with complex situations to find solutions and develop consensus to solve problems. Those skills are in short supply in the Legislature. We need Shawn Lindsay in the Oregon House of Representatives."
         Dick Inukai, Dick's Auto Group


    (This information furnished by Friends of Shawn Lindsay.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722