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Kelly R

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner

    Occupational Background: President, General Manager, Lift Mast & Attachment Company; President, General Manager, Western Attachment Company; President, Manager Lovelace Farms Inc.

    Educational Background: South Eugene High School

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    Community Service: Member, Pleasant Hill High School advisory boards for general maintenance and metal shop; Member, East Lane water management committee.

    It's Time for Change in Salem
    Oregon has lost over 148,000 jobs over the past year. The political environment is Oregon has become unfriendly to private-sector industries and job-creation. Excessive regulation and bureaucracy are causing businesses in Oregon to leave, and the $1.6 billion in new taxes and fees passed by the 2009 Legislature are discouraging businesses from locating here. Meanwhile, government spending is out of control, and is driving state government closer to bankruptcy. Oregonians can't afford to send the same politicians back to Salem. It's time for change.

    Kelly Lovelace: New Leadership for Oregon
    Kelly is not a career Salem politician but a self-made small business owner. He's running for State Representative because he's concerned our state is heading further down the wrong track. Kelly understands that Oregon needs a strong private-sector economy to create jobs, but also to fund our education, public safety and human services programs. While families struggle and companies go out of business, our state government is making the situation worse.

    Support Oregon Businesses

    Oregonians shouldn't have to sacrifice their rights and livelihoods to support bigger government. Kelly will support policies that encourage businesses to remain, locate and expand in Oregon.

    Provide Tax Relief

    Oregonians can't afford more job-killing taxes. Kelly will provide tax relief to families and businesses that create jobs.

    Bring Spending Under Control

    State government is heading toward fiscal disaster. Kelly will help curb new spending and prioritize tax dollars for our most essential services.

    Reform State Government

    Our economic recovery is being stifled by excessive bureaucracy and red tape. Kelly will work to remove barriers to job creation.

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Kelly Lovelace.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722