Measure 69

  • Legislative Argument in Support

    A YES vote on this measure will save money for Oregon taxpayers. A YES vote means more jobs for Oregonians. A YES vote will help make certain that Oregonians have access to quality and affordable higher education.

    Oregon’s community colleges and public universities use Article XI-F and Article XI-G bonds to finance their capital needs. As enrollment increases, so too does the need for additional classrooms and college and university facilities.

    Article XI-F(1) and Article XI-G bonds are the least expensive financing option available to the state and provide Oregon more for its money. This measure will ensure that Oregon’s community colleges and public universities can continue to use Article XI-F(1) and Article XI-G bonds to finance existing buildings, which can be less expensive than building new facilities.

    A YES vote will enable the Oregon University System to continue to use general obligation bonds, which have lower interest rates and are therefore less expensive, and will save taxpayer dollars.

    If this measure is not approved, the Oregon University System will be forced to use more costly forms of financing to pay for its capital needs.

    (This legislative argument in support of the ballot measure was provided by the Legislative Assembly of the 2010 February Special Session.)

    Argument in Favor

    Vote Yes On Measure 69

    The Associated General Contractors (Oregon Columbia Chapter)


    The Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council

    Urge a “Yes” Vote on Measure 69

    To Help Create and Maintain Construction Jobs

    The Associated General Contractors (Oregon Columbia Chapter) represents over 1,100 individual construction contractors around the state, who in turn provide 86,500 family wage jobs.

    The Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council represents 25,000 workers in 21 different crafts, including: asbestos workers, boilermakers, bricklayers, electricians, glaziers, ironworkers, laborers, floor coverers, painters, plasterers, roofers, sheet metal workers, plumbers and pipefitters, cement masons, elevator constructors and teamsters.

    As has been widely publicized, the construction industry has been devastated by the current economic crisis with unemployment rates in some sectors as high as 40 percent.

    Ballot Measure 69 will stretch state dollars further, help create jobs and protect funding for other essential educational needs, including teaching more students in trades like ours.

    Ballot Measure 69 does so by updating current law to allow our public colleges and universities to save money by using lower cost financing to acquire and renovate existing buildings for classrooms, student housing and research facilities.

    Right now, state law is outdated. It requires the use of more expensive more expensive bonds except when building an entirely new facility. That often results in a waste of state dollars that could be used to produce more jobs and educate more students.

    Ballot Measure 69 brings Oregon law up to date, allowing colleges and universities to use lower-cost bond funding to save money and provide more benefits to Oregonians.

    Please join us in voting “YES” Ballot Measure 69.

    This message is furnished by the Oregon Columbia Chapter of the Associated General Contractors and the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council.

    (This information furnished by Mike Salsgiver, Associated General Contractors (Oregon Columbia Chapter).)

    Argument in Favor

    Yes on Ballot Measure 69
    Save Money While Helping Oregon’s Public Colleges and Universities Build Our Future

    By educating nearly 500,000 students in every corner of the state, Oregon’s 17 public community colleges and 7 public universities play a critical role in the future of our state, its economy and our people.

    • They train the workforce and conducting research that allows Oregon to compete in the world marketplace.

    • Oregon’s post-secondary institutions buy products from 8,311 local vendors who provide supplies and services to our campuses. These vendors provide thousands of jobs.

    • In these challenging economic times, more Oregonians are turning to our public colleges and universities for training, education, employment assistance and the opportunity to get back to work.

    We depend on our public colleges and universities. And we also need to ensure that every dollar counts. That is why Ballot Measure 69 is important.

    Measure 69 Will Save Money

    Right now, in order for a college or university to create more space for classrooms, worker training programs or other facilities, they can only use the lowest cost bond funds to purchase or build new facilities. They cannot buy existing buildings with these low cost bonds.

    Voting Yes on Measure 69 will fix the law to allow colleges and universities to use the lowest cost bond funds for existing buildings, saving public dollars, preserving that money for student education and to retain the jobs that employ nearly 50,000 Oregonians.

    Measure 69 Will Conserve our Resources and the Environment

    Many existing buildings are great candidates for filling the needs of Oregon’s colleges and universities, their students and faculty.

    Voting Yes on Measure 69 will allow more existing buildings to be acquired and renovated by colleges and universities for expansion needs, avoiding the expense and use of natural resources of building entirely new structures.

    Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 69
    A Common Sense Measure for a Better Oregon Future

    (This information furnished by Elizabeth Kaufman, Oregon Higher Education Alliance.)

    Argument in Favor

    The Oregon Business Council Supports Ballot Measure 69

    The Oregon Business Council (OBC) is an association representing business leaders from throughout Oregon, with a mission to improve Oregon’s quality of life and economy. Our affiliate, E3: Employers for Education Excellence, focuses specifically on actions to improve the quality of Oregon’s schools.

    As leaders of OBC and E3, we support Ballot Measure 69 because it will save funds for Oregon‘s colleges and universities and help them better serve Oregon students.

    Oregon’s seven public universities and seventeen community colleges help power our local economies:

    • Providing nearly 50,000 jobs at campuses around the state;
    • Purchasing products to serve college students from over 10,000 local suppliers;
    • Bringing in nearly $400 million in federal grants and contract dollars each year which cycles back into the Oregon economy.

    Ballot Measure 69 makes a small change in the law allowing colleges and universities to conduct their business more efficiently:

    • When colleges and universities need more space, they would be allowed to use bond funding to expand into existing buildings instead of having to build new buildings for these needs;
    • Funds saved could be put back into services for students and support for faculty, which in turn helps our economy and our local businesses.

    Join us in supporting Ballot Measure 69.

    Steven D. Pratt
    Oregon Business Council
    Chairman & CEO
    ESCO Corporation

    Julie Manning
    E3: Employers for Education Excellence

    Duncan Wyse
    Oregon Business Council

    (This information furnished by Duncan E. Wyse, Oregon Business Council.)

    Argument in Favor

    Associated Oregon Industries support Oregon’s Colleges and Universities

    Join us in voting “YES” for Ballot Measure 69

    Associated Oregon Industries is a broad group of businesspeople from Enterprise to Port Orford, from Astoria to Ontario and everywhere in between.

    Our businesses depend on Oregon’s colleges and universities – to train our workers, conduct research for current and future products, and to continue spinning off new businesses that supply and assist existing businesses.

    Oregon’s colleges and universities provide jobs, workers, leaders, research, and products for our state and local economies.

    That’s why we support Ballot Measure 69.

    Oregon’s colleges and universities are experiencing increased demand. More students than ever are enrolled and the numbers just keep growing. As a result, some colleges and universities are running out of space. That’s where Measure 69 comes in.

    We support the expansion of Oregon’s colleges and universities when they need more space, and Measure 69 allows them a cost-effective way of doing so. Right now, the law is out of date and doesn’t clearly state that expansion into existing buildings can be paid for with low-cost state bonds. Rather, these low-cost state bonds can only be used to expand to brand-new buildings. That just doesn’t make sense.

    Measure 69 updates the law so that our colleges and universities can use low-cost state bonds for expanding to existing buildings as well as new buildings. We believe this will save tax dollars and get them back into the classroom and the laboratories where funds are most needed.

    Please join us in supporting Oregon’s public colleges and universities. Oregon’s businesses need them and so do our communities. Yes on Measure 69.

    (This information furnished by Betsy Earls, Associated Oregon Industries.)

    Argument in Favor

    Faculty and Education Employees Across Oregon Support Measure 69

    The American Federation of Teachers-Oregon and the American Association of University Professors at Portland State University ask for your support for Measure 69.

    Measure 69 will help serve more students

    In order to serve the needs of the increasing numbers of students entering Oregon’s higher education system, public colleges and universities need more space. They must expand by either building new buildings, or purchasing existing structures.

    Oregon universities should be able to use low cost financing for purchase and renovation. With lower financing costs, universities will be able to stretch their dollars more efficiently to provide more classroom space for more students, while working to keep tuition affordable for thousands of families.

    Measure 69 updates the law so colleges and universities can save costs

    It is significantly less expensive for universities to buy and renovate existing buildings rather than construct new buildings. Current law, however, is out of date and doesn’t yet allow renovation of existing property to be financed with the state’s low-cost bonds.

    Passage of Measure 69 will allow Oregon colleges universities to finance building purchase and renovation through the lowest cost financing available.

    Faculty members at University of Oregon, Portland State University, and Eastern Oregon University urge you to vote “Yes” on Measure 69.

    David Rives, President
    American Federation of Teachers-Oregon

    Michele Gamburd, Vice President of Collective Bargaining
    American Association of University Professors – Portland State University (PSU-AAUP)

    (This information furnished by David Rives, American Federation of Teachers-Oregon.)

    Argument in Favor

    The Oregon Education Association Supports a “Common Sense” Solution for Oregon Higher-Ed

    In today’s economy, increasing numbers of Oregonians are turning to our state’s 17 public community colleges and seven public universities to revitalize job skills, learn new trades, and prepare for a better future. College instructors and faculty are committed to helping our students through tough times, but physically, our state’s higher-ed institutions are struggling to meet the demands of these surging enrollments.

    Under current law, in order for a college or university to expand classroom and training spaces, they can only use the lowest cost bond to purchase or build new facilities. The Oregon Education Association believes there’s a more effective way to use these bonds to meet the needs of our students, which will save money and conserve resources.

    Measure 69 will fix the law by allowing colleges and universities to use bond funds to purchase existing buildings for expansion needs. This will help our higher-ed institutions avoid the undue expense of building completely new structures, and will protect our state’s precious environmental resources.

    Our communities already have structures in place where we can create positive education experiences for our growing student populations. We can meet the needs of our students if the law provides accessible and fiscally responsible solutions.

    Measure 69 ensures we make the most effective use of local resources for campus expansion projects by acquiring and renovating buildings that already exist in our communities – instead funneling money into new construction.

    Most important – every dollar saved as a result of Measure 69 stays with our local public colleges and universities, supporting the programs our students need in order to be successful in the workforce.

    Join Oregon’s community college faculty and education advocates and VOTE YES on Measure 69 – the common sense solution for a better Oregon future.

    (This information furnished by BethAnne Darby, The Oregon Education Association.)

    Argument in Favor

    Oregon Business Association Supports Ballot Measure 69

    Oregon Business Association advocates for long-term enhancement of Oregon’s business environment and quality of life, providing bipartisan, statewide business leadership that strives to ensure Oregon’s long-term prosperity. Our members include businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the state – from our largest farm to two Fortune 500 companies.

    We support Ballot Measure 69 because it will save funds for Oregon’s colleges and universities that Oregon businesses depend on.

    Ensuring a world-class higher education system for Oregonians is critical to the state’s ability to compete in the global economy and maintain a high quality of life for all Oregonians.

    Oregon’s public universities and community colleges provide opportunities for Oregonians and a well-educated workforce for Oregon businesses. They also bring in millions of dollars in federal grants and contracts that contribute to the research and development that fuels the next generation of technologies to increase Oregon’s ability to innovate, create new companies and generate new jobs to support Oregon’s economy.

    Ballot Measure 69 modernizes Oregon law to allow colleges and universities to:

    • Expand into existing facilities that have less cost than new construction;
    • Use lower cost bonds to finance projects that benefit higher education institutions or activities;
    • Save money that can be put back into services for students and support for faculty.

    Oregon’s long-term economic competitiveness is closely intertwined with the ability of the state’s higher education system to continue to develop the talents of Oregonians in order to compete in the global economy.

    Join us in supporting Ballot Measure 69.

    (This information furnished by Ryan Deckert, Oregon Business Association.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722