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  • Occupation: State Representative; Library Program Staff, Orbis Cascade Alliance

    Occupational Background: UO Knight Library; Owner, Photoscapes

    Educational Background: University of Oregon, BS 1975

    Prior Governmental Experience: Eugene City Council, 1993-2004; Eugene Planning Commission, 1987-1993; Lane Council of Governments Board; Advisory Committee to Federal Communications Commission

    Re-Elect Nancy Nathanson for Results, not Gridlock!

    Now in her second term in the Legislature, Nancy serves as Vice Chair of the Ways & Means Committee and on the Emergency Board. Restoring fiscal responsibility to state government, she helped establish Oregon's first "rainy day" fund, and steer the budget through the economic downturn while preserving K-12 education, access to community colleges and higher ed for job training, and our most critical services.

    Serving on the Health Care Committee, Nancy has passed legislation to curb growth in insurance costs and expand access to affordable health care.

    Her work has already improved services for hundreds of veterans and her government efficiency task force is yielding ideas for saving dollars and improving services for the state and Oregon's 36 counties.

    In public safety, Nancy has supported increased funding for drug courts and treatment for offenders, State Troopers for 24/7 interstate coverage, and upgrading outmoded court facilities and communications infrastructure for emergency responders (police, fire and transportation agencies).

    Nancy pays special attention to the needs of Lane County residents. Her effective support for the Eugene 08 Olympic Trials brought state funding for event security and river corridor improvements promoting public safety, tourism and economic development. To protect affordable housing, she led successful efforts to pass legislation improving protections for mobile home residents. She champions job training and help for Oregon's small businesses to get Oregon's economy back on track.

    Nancy has a proven track record for common sense and success.

    Endorsed by Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Education Association, OLCV, OCPA (Oregon Council of Police Associations).

    Nancy Nathanson


    (This information furnished by Friends of Nancy Nathanson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722