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Dale A

Occupation: My occupation is electrician.

Occupational Background: My occupational background includes reserve police officer, as well as welder, saw mill worker and engineering technician.

Educational Background: My educational background includes a diploma from Central High School and an Associates of Science in Engineering from Linn-Benton Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience: none.

My name is Dale A. Pennie and I am not a politician. I have lived on the southern Oregon coast since 1983. I believe that the people of Coos County deserve a better representation at the county level than they are getting. We need living wage jobs so a family can afford to raise a family in Coos County. We need a better police force so that people can feel safe in their own homes. In these times while everyone is tightening their belts to live on a budget Coos County government does not seem to.

I believe number one priority is creating new jobs in Coos County. The second priority is taking drugs and the crimes associated with drugs out of our county. We need to educate our children to be more prepared for the jobs of the future. Either trade oriented or technical.

I have no special interest except the people of Coos County and they are the only ones I feel obligated to.

(This information furnished by Dale A. Pennie.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722