State Senator

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Occupation: State Representative

Occupational Background: Information Technology and Business Consultant

Educational Background: University of Illinois; Southern Illinois University

Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Air Force

Community Involvement: Member of Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove Chambers of Commerce; Hillsboro Elks; Hillsboro Lions; Aloha-Hillsboro Rotary; and Hillsboro United Methodist Church

Some people see only problems.
Chuck Riley sees solutions.

This recession has thrown a lot of tough problems at us, like how to put people back to work and how to strengthen our economy for the middle class. Good thing that Chuck Riley has a proven record of solving tough problems.

Solutions for creating jobs

Chuck Riley's jobs plan includes investing in renewable energy technology to create good-paying jobs and providing loans and grants for small business that increase hiring.

"Chuck Riley's small business background and jobs plan make him the best choice to help improve our economy."
Doug Sellers, Small Business Owner

Solutions for improving public safety

Chuck Riley helped pass Jessica's Law, which imposes longer prison sentences on sex offenders. Chuck also supported hiring 139 new State Troopers and helped pass tougher penalties on Internet predators who target our kids.

Solutions for making health care more affordable

Chuck Riley's work helped to create lower prices on lifesaving medicines by using the state's purchasing power to cut costs. And Chuck voted to provide health insurance for 80,000 Oregon children.

"Chuck Riley's health care solutions are what small businesses like mine need so we can invest in new employees, not skyrocketing health insurance premiums."
Douglas Remington, Small Business Owner

Solutions for reducing government waste

Chuck Riley supported aggressive audits of government agencies to reduce government waste. Chuck also wrote the law putting government documents in plain language so we know how our dollars are being spent.

We're supporting Chuck Riley!

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Pete Truax, Mayor of Forest Grove


(This information furnished by Friends of Chuck Riley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722