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Occupation: Businessperson

Occupational Background: Teacher at the U. S. Naval Academy and Officer in the military leading world-wide humanitarian relief efforts.

Educational Background: U. S. Naval Academy; Oregon State University; Willamette University Atkinson Graduate School of Business

Prior Governmental Experience: Commander in the Navy; Director of Civil-Military Operations Horn of Africa; Department Director, City of Hillsboro; Program and Project Director, U. S. Navy.

Family: David and his wife Sandy have two chocolate Labradors, Moose and Jasmine, and look forward to having children in the near future. Sandy is an elder law attorney working to protect the rights of seniors.

David Robinson
Engaged, Effective, and Respected Leadership for Oregon

David is a leader with a proven record of delivering results and delivering on his promises.

Jobs and Prosperity for Oregonians – David will be a champion for Oregonians to bring prosperity back to Oregon.

  • Last year, Oregon overseas exports fell 23% while China’s economy grew by 8%. Oregon’s economy should have grown 8% – David will engage with all our Pacific Rim trading partners to develop markets for Oregon products.
  • Build railroad and port infrastructure that draws high paying jobs to Oregon.
  • Revamp the Small Business Administration to provide service and capital to small business and start-ups.
  • Build green jobs that keep green investment money in Oregon.

Protecting our Future – David knows our State and our World. He has engaged locally and around the world to find solutions for people.

  • Build protections for your credit report privacy to prevent unnecessary access to your reports – allow Oregonians to get jobs and rebuild their lives.
  • Protect Oregon’s rivers, keep Oregon’s water in Oregon, and combat climate change.
  • Build a stable and balanced federal budget that protects our values and improves our schools
  • Exercise mature and expert oversight of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

David Robinson
An engaged Congressman to put Oregon and Oregonians First

(This information furnished by David Robinson for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722