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Joyce B

Occupation: A writer of books and articles.

Occupational Background: For nineteen years I was a small business owner of a medical billing service. I submitted claims to Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurance companies. I interfaced with physicians and assisted in training their staff in regard to insurance laws. I helped thousands of patients navigate through the bureaucratic maze of health insurance. Prior to that I worked as an assistant manager and agent in a real estate office, training new agents in contract law and in sales techniques and marketing. I was also a continuity director and copywriter at a local radio station in Florida.

Educational Background: B.A. in Sociology from the City College of New York in 1972, Masters work in Communications at The University of Central Florida 1984.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I believe every person in this country should have access to proper medical treatment at a price they can afford. No one should ever be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition or a newly discovered condition. There is no doubt that we must reform our healthcare system now.

It is clear that a strong education is the backbone of a strong economy. Our teachers need to be paid as professionals and our curriculums must be relevant and applicable to every student. Rural schools need to be connected to 21st century technology so our students can be competitive in the global economy. If the government can find billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street, we can find a way to make our schools strong again and provide our children with a brighter future.

We must make certain our returning soldiers come home to a United States that provides them free, high quality healthcare, competent mental health programs, jobs, suitable places to live and an environment that supports their transition from military to civilian life.

(This information furnished by Joyce B. Segers.)

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