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Ann Marie

Occupation: Former Prosecutor, Douglas County District Attorney's Office.

Occupational Background: Deputy District Attorney (1998-2010); furniture salesperson; law firm receptionist and runner; discount store clerk.

Educational Background: B. A. (Political Science), University of Kansas; J.D., Washington University in St. Louis.

Prior Governmental Experience: Instructor, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training courses for law enforcement personnel.

Awards: Named Oregon's DUII Prosecutor of the Year for 2005 by the Oregon Multi-Disciplinary Task Force.

Endorsed by Prosecutors

"I have had the pleasure to work with Ann Marie Simmons for the past 10 years. She is bright, dedicated, and treats others fairly and with respect. She has what it takes in both intellect and disposition to serve as judge in Douglas County." -Deborah E. Stoll, former Douglas County Chief Deputy District Attorney

"I have known Ann Marie since she first joined our team at the Douglas County District Attorney's office. She is an intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working and principled woman. It was a pleasure working with her."
-Alex R. Gardner, Lane County District Attorney and former Douglas County Deputy District Attorney

Endorsed by the Public Defender

"Ann Marie Simmons is intelligent, articulate, dedicated, and possessed of ideal judicial temperament. I think she will make an excellent judge."
- Daniel S. Bouck, Director of Umpqua Valley Public Defender and Judge Pro-Tem

. and Endorsed by Judges

"Ann Marie Simmons is one of the best trial attorneys in Douglas County. She is smart, hard working, honest, and has an even disposition. She will make an excellent trial court judge." - Hon. Robert C. Millikan, retired Douglas County Circuit Court Judge

"Intelligence, a passion for the law, and a level head are three traits that distinguish the best trial court judges. Ann Marie Simmons has all three, and Douglas County will be well-served by her election."
-Hon. David V. Brewer, Chief Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals

For more information about the background and judicial philosophy of Ann Marie Simmons, please visit www.AnnMarieSimmonsForJudge.com.

(This information furnished by The Committee in Support of Ann Marie Simmons for Judge.)

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