State Senator

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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Roofing Contractor; Family Farming

Educational Background: Portland State University, BA; Hillsboro High School

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; State Representative; Hillsboro City Councilor

Jobs & Economy
Oregon's unemployment rate is the 2nd highest in the nation, and won't be fixed by increasing regulations or imposing more financial burdens on employers. Government does not create jobs. Businesses create jobs. We must reduce the regulatory and tax burden on businesses, especially small family business. We need to give companies an incentive to locate their operations and their employees here in Oregon.

Stopping Government Growth
We cannot continue to increase state spending by 8-14% annually when revenues are falling. We must focus spending on our most vital programs. We must force fiscal discipline limiting state spending to 97% of state revenues, putting the other 3% into a reserve fund.

We must work together to improve Oregon's K-12 public schools, but that means changing the status quo. Research shows that a highly effective teacher in every classroom is the most important factor in raising student achievement. Reforms that strengthen teaching and learning in the classroom so we help every student achieve as much as possible will be a high priority for me in the coming years.

Punishing Criminals & Protecting Victims
We have to put a permanent stop to our revolving door criminal justice system. Bruce Starr is a strong supporter of strong sentencing laws that have protected Oregonians from violent and repeat criminals. Bruce was the force behind tougher sentences for criminals who assault or kill pregnant women in Oregon.

Working for Washington County
Gridlock threatens our region's economy. We must have investments in new roads, highways and bridges and ensure an adequate supply of land for industry.

Key Endorsements:

Denzil Scheller, business owner
Jerry W. Willey, Mayor, City of Hillsboro
Paul Rubenstein, Chief of Police
Oregon Building Trades Council
Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

(This information furnished by Bruce Starr for Senate Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722