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Kevin W

Occupation: Commissioner

Occupational Background: Community Development Coordinator (Coos/Curry Counties); Protective Services; South Coast Business Employment Corp; Chambers; United States NAVY

Educational Background: SWOCC

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Commission on Children & Families; South Slough Estuarine Research Reserve Management Commission; Coos County Commission on Children & Families; Coos County Urban Renewal Agency; Association of O&C Counties; NACO, Human Services & Education Steering Committee; Council of Forest Trust Land Counties; AOC, Human Services Committee; AOC, Transportation Committee; Coos County Area Transit; CB City Councilor (3 terms); CB Library Board; CB/NB Tourism Promotions Committee; School District 9 Advisory Committee; Coos County Solid Waste Committee; Coos, Curry, & Douglas Economic Development Corp;

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN is committed to the taxpayers of Coos County. With a proven track record of an open door policy, transparency, transformation and accountability, he has delivered cost savings to the taxpayers.

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN supports doing what is right and not just doing what is popular. A sustainable budget is my priority. Making tough decisions is never easy, but I continue to make decisions that you elected me to make that benefit the best interests of our citizens.

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN is proactive in bringing people together to tackle the most difficult social and economic problems we face. He supports the protection of our senior citizens from fraud and abuse. He works to develop opportunities for under-employed people. He continues to ensure that Coos County children are educated and families can find affordable housing.

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN continues to advocate that our federal O&C timberlands are managed for the benefit of all.

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN continues his strong commitment to the citizens of Coos County. Together we can continue to see Coos County making positive progress into the future for our children and grandchildren.

KEVIN STUFFLEBEAN is married to Kathe. They have two children--Jeremy and Kai. Jeremy is married to Andrea and they have two children--Elizabeth and Alex.


(This information furnished by Kevin W. Stufflebean.)

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