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Occupation: Self employed, Real estate broker

Occupational Background: Research assistant and junior biologist, certified teacher, landscape maintenance business owner, and real estate broker.

Educational Background: Fisheries Management and Wildlife Management degrees from Oregon State University. Teaching certificate from University of Alaska.

Prior Governmental Experience: none.

Fellow Oregonians,

I have never been a politician, nor been someone interested in being a politician. I have never been very skilled at speaking out both sides of my mouth, or saying one thing and doing something totally opposite. Those traits don't get you very far when you are self employed or a business owner. However, I have been increasingly dismayed at government policies at all levels over the last few years, and in particular in the last 6 months. I don't understand why those we elect to represent us can't use a little common sense on our behalf.

Does it make sense to:
-spend more than you make year after year
-make a tax code so complex nobody can follow it
- have legislators vote on 1000+ page bills without time for a basic review
-take over health care without free market solutions included
-buy oil from some countries that don't like us, and not drill here
-and others

Our Founding Fathers believed that a person elected to public office should go and represent their cities and states for a term or two, then return to their lives as teachers, doctors, coaches, or businessmen. I will go to Washington for a term, 2 at most, to provide common sense solutions to the problems facing our country.

I have a web site, commonsensetom.com, which explains in detail what we need to do for Job growth, economics, health care reform, energy independence, and tax code simplification. It also has "My Contract with Oregon" that explains my core beliefs and my commitment to honesty with the people of Oregon.

Common sense for Oregon, Common sense for America, Tom Stutzman

(This information furnished by Tom Stutzman.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722