State Representative

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Occupation: Small Business Owner, Swanson Strategies LLC.

Occupational Background: Finance Director

Educational Background: Willamette University, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: Legislative Assistant, Senator Jason Atkinson

Promote a Positive Business Climate

As a small business owner I understand how hard starting and running a successful business can be. Our government should not be the only industry that continues to grow. Our government should be working to promote a positive business climate that not only attracts business to our district but also maintains the jobs we already have. If elected I will work for our small businesses to promote private sector growth in our district.

Create Family Wage Jobs

Businesses should be viewed as the economic driver of the state, not as a means to fund the government. This message was well received when I worked in a plywood mill to help pay for college. I will work with any person, industry or group that can show a way to create jobs quickly and efficiently. I will support any program brought to the legislature that creates family wage jobs now.

Education First

Many claim education is a top priority. However, year after year the education budget is one of the last bills passed. My solution is to require education be funded first. Our school districts need a clear financial view each year. Delaying this process only hurts our students.

Bringing Accountability to Salem

Government must be open and accountable. I will fight for a legislative audits committee and sponsor legislation to create a citizen audit authority. The state government must be accountable for every dollar. We need to cut wasteful spending and refocus dollars towards education and public safety.

Key Endorsements:
Linda Flores, Former State Representative
Jim Thompson State Representative, District 23
Senator Jason Atkinson
Senator Larry George
Senator Bruce Starr
Becky Arnold, Mayor City of Estacada
Glen James, Estacada City Council
Bob Morrisey, Estacada Fire, Division Chief
Oregon Right to Life PAC


(This information furnished by Friends of John Swanson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722