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Donald E (Don) Van Dyke photo
Donald E (Don)
Van Dyke

Occupation: President, PEG Broadcasting Services; dba Coos Community Media Center

Occupational Background: Systems Engineer, IBM; MIS Manager, Ocean County College Computer Center; International Consultant, Boeing Computer Systems; Director of Data Processing, Iran Aircraft; Instructor, Chemeketa Community College

Educational Background: BS, Electronic Engineering, 1965, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ

Prior Governmental Experience: North Bend Parks Advisory Board; Coos County Search and Rescue Team; Coos County Parks Advisory Board

Don Van Dyke sincerely appreciates your support and vote so that he can offer an "outsider's" approach to how, why, and what county government does for you. His objective is to think and act outside the traditional political box.

His mission is to inform voters by communicating County meetings on cable TV and the Internet. After attending more than one hundred Board of Commissioners meetings, he concludes that there must be better ways to conduct public business.

Don promises to serve only one four year term; he's not creating a political career. If he successfully instigates changes, there's no reason for a second term. If he's not successful instigating transparency and public participation, then there is no need for a second term.

Don's other promises:

    Read every word of every document he will vote upon.

    Promote the use of more volunteer assistance, stretching our tax dollars.

    Listen to all suggestions and solutions from concerned voters. (No pretense of having all the answers.)

    Have regular meetings with all county departments and open town halls throughout the county.

The bottom line is the bottom line, and he knows you can have more for your tax dollar.

His campaign is an example. He may set a new record for campaign thrift.

He is a leader who will be proactive with the state legislature.

Don Van Dyke will be a different type of Commissioner; he can be no other way.

(This information furnished by Don Van Dyke.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722