State Representative

Matthew Wand photo

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Attorney

Educational Background: Lewis & Clark Law School (JD, 2000); Portland State University (BS, 1997); Mt. Hood Community College; Reynolds High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Troutdale City Council; Troutdale Budget Committee; Troutdale Centennial Celebration Committee

Building a Stronger Community

Jobs, Education and Safety are my priorities. I will focus on those three areas while serving as your State Representative.


Others claim that education is their priority, but then hold our children hostage, threatening to cut education if we do not vote their way. I will fund education first, because it is our highest priority, and I will demand expansion of local control with accountability to our children and residents for results.

A stronger community requires that all kids have the chance to learn, no matter their unique circumstances. I have a proven track record of volunteering at Reynolds High School and on a non-profit board that provides education choices to our neighbors. It provides teen moms the chance to earn their diploma instead of a GED. By bringing teen moms to this school, Reynolds gets more state funding than if they drop out. It is a common sense, win-win solution to a tough problem. I'll bring the same approach to Salem.


I support the Main Street Plan that will create as many as 6,000 new jobs by encouraging small and local businesses to expand. I will view every bill critically, asking whether it will promote or hamper job growth. The key is removing barriers to job creation, and supporting existing local companies. I will support companies opening new facilities in our undeveloped land. It is time to ensure that East County residents can live and work in our own community, rather than across town.


I will fight to repeal the new law passed in the last Legislative session that allows early release of convicted felons from prison. We should not reduce spending by releasing criminals from prison early.

(This information furnished by Matt Wand for East County.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722