State Representative

Brad Witt photo

Occupation: Union Representative

Occupational Background: Labor Relations

Educational Background: University of Oregon, M.A.; University of Massachusetts, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Boards of Forestry, Watershed Enhancement, and Workforce Investment.


Mindful that the voters sent me to Salem to make their everyday lives better, I have fought for legislation that protects:


I am bringing business and economic development to our district. Capital formation, workforce development and community investments are putting my constituents back to work.

Health Care

Most uninsured families are one medical crisis from bankruptcy. That's why I pursued coverage for 115,000 Oregonians, cancer screenings and mental health.


Investing in education creates successful careers, competitive businesses and a strong economy. My advocacy for quality education earned us the "Education District" nickname.


A clean and healthy environment is fundamental to Oregon's economy and unique quality of life. That's why I've fought to restore and enhance the Columbia River estuary, balance timber harvests, eliminate invasive species, enact renewable energy and low-carbon fuel standards, watershed protections and energy efficient buildings.

Public Safety

Our families and communities are safer because of my support for more state troopers, longer sentences for property, drug and violent crimes, additional circuit court justices and natural disaster victims.

Government Accountability

I have insisted that our state tighten its belt, perform annual audits, place key expenditures, revenue and audit reports on its website, enhance contract accountability and create a rainy day fund.

Consumer Advocacy

I have tightened regulations on payday loans, dangerous products, fraudulent lending practices and housing and personal information storage/sharing. I have also expanded housing for senior, disabled and low-income Oregonians along with veterans' assistance.

Brad is proudly supported by:
Oregon State Firefighters, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Police, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, ORAFL-CIO, Oregon Education Association, Building Trades, Steelworkers/LE, LEKTRO, AWPPW, Teevin Bros, AFSCME, Tyack Dental, SEIU, BRO-PAC, ILWU, UFCW, Van Dusen Beverages, Senator Ron Wyden

(This information furnished by Brad Witt for State Representative.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722