Dear Voter:

This 1998 Primary Election Voters' Pamphlet contains information about voting in the May 19, 1998, polling place election. It includes statements from candidates running for state office and the text, ballot title and arguments for the one ballot measure referred by the 1997 Legislature.

For the first time since 1992, your edition of this Pamphlet may also include ballot measures, measure arguments and candidate statements for counties and the Metropolitan Service District (Metro), and candidate statements for cities with a population greater than 50,000. Local candidates and measures may also appear in optional local voters' pamphlets, which might be bound in this State Voters' Pamphlet or mailed separately. These changes are the result of action by the 1997

Please remember, we do not verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the statements made by candidates or measure proponents or opponents prior to publishing them in the Pamphlet.

The candidates for partisan political office who appear in this Pamphlet are vying for the nomination of either the Republican or Democratic parties, Oregon's two major political parties. As provided in Oregon law, minor political parties and assemblies of electors can nominate candidates at conventions held between May 19 and August 25. Other nonaffiliated candidates may be nominated by petition prior to August 25. Those candidates will appear on the November General Election ballot with the candidates nominated at this Primary Election.

The Democratic Party of Oregon has opened its Primary Election nominating process to all voters not affiliated with any other political party. Nonaffiliated voters may vote their usual ballot - all measures and those offices elected on a nonpartisan basis - or may choose to vote a Democratic ballot that also includes that party's nominees for partisan offices. If you wish to vote a Democratic ballot you must request one at the polling place before you sign the poll book. Absentee voters may request that they be mailed a Democratic ballot. If you do not request a Democratic ballot you will be issued a nonpartisan ballot.

I encourage you to vote on May 19 -- your fellow Oregonians are counting on you.


Phil Keisling
Secretary of State

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