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Occupation: Farmer

Occupational Background: Small business owner (30-yrs.); local government elected official; state legislative staff.

Educational Background: Stanford University, A.B., 1970

Prior Governmental Experience: Madras Budget Committee; Trout Creek Watershed Council; Metro Councilor; City Councilor; Calif. Assembly Science and Technology Advisory Council, staff.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Jefferson County is today what most of us want: smaller communities of a manageable size, surrounded by farms and open space with varied and affordable recreation opportunities close by. Like most of you, I have significant investment in my home, business, friendships and my emotional attachment to this beautiful place.

Yes, we have job losses and manufacturing slow downs, but how can we not be optimistic about a place with world-class agriculture, a pleasant climate, stunning uncluttered landscapes, state and federal highways in reasonably good condition and airport and railway connection to all North America . plus the best drinking water in the world! Maintaining our agricultural base; supporting light manufacturing; expanding on a growing tourism industry and protecting our existing communities: this is a winning formula for a great place to live, to work, and to play.

Unfortunately, the current county commission is making drastic land use changes that make big bucks for a few, but threaten long term well-being for regular folks. Housing construction, mortgage fees and real estate sales commissions do not build a sustainable economy. And the commission's failure to maintain county roads, their promoting costly-to-serve housing subdivisions in our scenic rural lands and engaging in unprofessional behavior that brings discredit to the community; all of these will have lasting harm.

Can we make good things happen? I believe so.if we keep a "can do" positive attitude and focus on our strengths. What I can guarantee, however, is that if elected Jefferson County Commissioner, you will be proud to say, "I voted for Atherton!"


Bill Atherton

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(This information furnished by Bill Atherton.)