Judge of the Supreme Court
Thomas A. Balmer photo
Thomas A.


Occupation: Associate Justice, Oregon Supreme Court

Occupational Background: Attorney in private practice; managing partner of law firm; Oregon Deputy Attorney General; U.S. Department of Justice trial attorney; maintenance painter; mailroom clerk

Educational Background: Portland, Oregon Public Schools; B.A. with High Honors in Government, Oberlin College (1974); J.D., University of Chicago Law School (1977)

Prior Governmental Experience: Deputy Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice (1993-97); Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice (1979-80)

Re-elect Justice Tom Balmer to Oregon's Supreme Court

"Balmer's selection strengthens and broadens the court."

The Oregonian, October 5, 2001

Since 2001, Tom Balmer has served on Oregon's Supreme Court with distinction, exhibiting fairness, intelligence and an extraordinary work ethic. That performance is no surprise.


The foundation of Justice Balmer's success is his hands-on experience in the key areas the Supreme Court deals with every day. He has tried jury cases, argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, advised individual and business clients on a wide variety of matters, and counseled elected and government leaders on constitutional and public law issues. As Deputy Attorney General, he argued criminal, election and constitutional law cases in Oregon and Federal courts. And Tom Balmer's reputation as a thoughtful scholar and a practical problemsolver is well known. His broad, well-rounded experience and integrity has earned widespread respect.

Part of the Community

Tom Balmer can represent our communities on the Supreme Court because he is part of the community. He has served as a volunteer for Legal Aid, the Classroom Law Project, local arts and parks organizations, and the Goose Hollow Family Shelter.

Broad Support

It is a mark of Tom Balmer's fairness and integrity that he has won support from across the political spectrum and from all parts of the legal profession.

"Tom Balmer is fair, honest and hardworking. He does honor to the traditions of Oregon's Supreme Court."

Betty Roberts, Former Oregon Supreme Court Justice
Edwin J. Peterson, Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice

(This information furnished by Re-Elect Supreme Court Justice Tom Balmer Committee.)