District Attorney
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Occupation: District Attorney

Occupational Background: 2001-present: Lincoln County District Attorney; Deputy DA 1988-2000

Educational Background: B.A. Portland State; J.D. Northwestern School of Law

Prior Governmental Experience: Governor's Meth Task Force, Attorney General's Restitution Task Force, Executive Director Oregon DA Association.

Experienced Prosecutor: Bernice Barnett: the only candidate with prosecution experience. (Longo, Bennett, Neri-Perez, and many more.)
"The best-kept secret in Lincoln County is her remarkable record of success as a trial prosecutor. Bernice was the first prosecutor in Lincoln County to use DNA to convict a child rapist."
Ed Stallard, former Lieutenant, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. "As a member of our Drug Task Force, Bernice has done a great job prosecuting meth dealers."
Todd Anderson, Tillamook County Sheriff.

Passionate About Victims' Rights: "Bernice gave me and my children our lives back, putting the man who killed my children's father.behind bars for life." Trish Carey.
"DA Barnett.worked tirelessly to support victims of crime, especially victims of violence against women, child abuse, and elder abuse." Hardy Myers, Oregon Attorney General Endorsed by Crime Victims United, Steve Doell, President.
Many more endorsements at BerniceBarnett.com

Law Enforcement Support: "He [Bernice's opponent] does not have the support of my association and he does not have the support of many individual police officers and other lawenforcement personnel with whom I work and socialize." Doug Canfield
"Bernice has the independence, knowledge, and experience to continue to lead the DA's Office. She is tough on crime, fiscally responsible, and has the character needed to stand up for justice." John O'Brien, Lincoln County Sheriff (Ret). (News-Times 9-19-07)

Experienced Manager: The only candidate who has led a complex county department. "As a co-worker the last 17 years and Chief Deputy DA the last seven, I fully support Bernice Barnett's re-election." Paulette Sanders, Chief Deputy, Lincoln County DA's Office. (News-Times 9-19-07)
"Bernice is an excellent and capable District Attorney." Vicki Galusha, DA Office Manager.


(This information furnished by Bernice Barnett - Committee to Elect Bernice Barnett.)