State Representative
Brent Barton photo


Occupation: Business Attorney at Perkins Coie.

Occupational Background: Business Attorney.

Educational Background: Bachelor's and Master's degrees, Stanford University; JD, Harvard Law School.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

Brent Barton is Ready to Change Salem

"If you're tired of the same old political answers, broken promises, and partisan gridlock, I'd like your vote. I'm ready to change Salem if you are."
Brent Barton

Brent Barton isn't a career politician. At 28, he's energetic and building his future in this community, just like we are. And Brent is sick of politicians wasting our time with divisive political games when Oregon faces so many challenges.

Brent Barton wants to change Salem with fresh leadership that engages every single voter in our community. Brent has the right priorities, and his energy, enthusiasm, and vision will help these priorities become reality.

Cut down administrative spending to put more money into the classroom

Brent Barton supports lowering class sizes with better fiscal management: We need to build the Rainy Day Fund for schools while cutting unnecessary administrative costs.

Make health care more affordable

Brent Barton wants to reduce the money small businesses have to spend on wasteful insurance company bureaucracies. Premiums should go to preventive care, not insurance company overhead.

Get our community its fair share of transportation funding

Brent Barton wants to reduce congestion on I-205 and Highways 212, and 224, attracting new jobs while helping existing companies grow.

Endorsements: Governor Ted Kulongoski; Congresswoman
Darlene Hooley; State Senator Rick Metsger.

(This information furnished by Friends of Brent Barton.)