State Representative
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Occupation: Computer engineer, small farmer.

Occupational Background: I have worked as a manager in high-tech research and development and as an entrepreneur in real estate, computer services and health services. I have also worked in restaurants, shipping yards, and sales.

Educational Background: The Evergreen State College, BA, 1984; Graduate studies in Research Psychology at Western Washington University, 1992-4.

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committeeperson, Democratic Party of Oregon Executive Committee member, Delegate to the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party.

"When we invest in people, our communities can thrive,
and everyone benefits." - Jason Brown

Living-Wage Jobs
Jason Brown will work to create job-training partnerships so that people can learn the skills they need for good local jobs.

Healthy Businesses
Jason Brown will work to bring effective business support services to our communities and restore vital state extension services so that independent business people, including farmers, can be more successful.

Affordable Health Care
Jason Brown will work to make health care affordable for everyone by supporting innovations to deliver health services more effectively, for lower cost.

Green Solutions
Jason Brown will work to advance green technologies that create living-wage jobs and keep Oregon businesses competitive.

Fiscal Responsibility
Every year, Oregon loses about 10% of its revenue by continuing to follow failed policies. More cost-effective programs that have been proven to work elsewhere can drive economic growth and actually save us money.

Bottom Line: Our communities can be safer, cleaner and more prosperous if we make the right investments.

"I am running because we need effective problem-solving and some fresh ideas at the state legislature. I am asking for your vote and your continued support to change our future for the better. Please contact my campaign to learn more."
- Jason Brown
P. O. Box 991, Dallas OR 97338
503-606-4323 or 541-760-1907

Endorsed by: Former Labor Commissioner, Dan Gardner; Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

(This information furnished by Brown for House Committee.)