State Representative
Peter Buckley photo


Occupation: Oregon State Representative, District 5; Free Lance Copywriter

Occupational Background: Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Administrator in regional theatre, 1979 to 2002; radio commentator, 1988 to 2002.

Educational Background: B.A., University of Santa Clara, 1979

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, House Education Committee, 2007 to present; District 5 Oregon State Representative, 2005 to present; City Commission, Arcata, California, 1994

Since you first sent me to Salem, I've worked to change the direction of our state. We're making progress.

As part of the House Democratic leadership team, I helped to regain the majority in the Oregon House in 2006. The difference is night and day. Regaining the majority after 16 long years of dysfunctional state government, we were able to lead a legislative session that accomplished the following and more:

-Establishment of Oregon's first Rainy Day Fund
-Re-investment in education from Head Start through K-12 through Community Colleges and our university system
-Development of the Shared Responsibility Model for financial aid for higher education, providing more affordable access for every Oregon student
-Expansion of the ASPIRE program to assist high school students with the transition to community college, higher education or the workplace
-Creation of a statewide mentorship program to assist first year teachers and administrators
-Placement of Domestic Partnerships & Anti-Discrimination into law
-Significant investment in alternative energy
-Addition of plastic bottles to the Oregon Bottle Bill and a new program for electronic recycling
-The path to full access to Health Care with Senator Bates' SB 329
-Parity for Developmentally Disabled Children in Insurance Coverage

There is a great deal still to do, both here at home and across the state. I'm passionate about the work, and grateful for the opportunity to serve. I appreciate your support.

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Peter Buckley.)