County Office
Adam Colby photo


Occupation: Commercial/Industrial Appraiser for the Assessor's Office.

Occupational Background: Branch Operations Manager for a securities firm; Loan Officer for a mortgage company; Human Resources Manager; and, United States Marine Corps, Sergeant.

Educational Background: BA, Communications, SFSU, 1991.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

As the Coos County Assessor I will serve the citizens of Coos County in a customer service oriented environment. My professional and managerial experiences, service in the armed forces, and education, uniquely qualify me to perform in this capacity. As the commercial/industrial appraiser for the Assessor's office, I have worked steadily to provide timely and useful information to taxpayer inquiries. This has been accomplished by focusing on the upgrade of commercial/industrial account information into a digital format to make public record information more readily available.

I understand that professional and courteous assistance enhances the customer experience. Assessor's office employees who meet the public on a daily basis continually demonstrate their professional commitment to supporting the public with quality customer service. My pledge to the citizens of Coos County is to continue working alongside my colleagues, which I am honored to do, while simultaneously providing leadership to increase public record information to the Assessor's website, therefore allowing additional citizen access.

(This information furnished by Committee to elect Adam Colby for Assessor.)