State Representative
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Occupation: Senior Public Affairs Coordinator, Metro

Occupational Background: Communications for state government and Pacific Power

Educational Background: B.A. History, cum laude, Linfield College, 1993

Prior Governmental Experience: Staff aide to Gov. John Kitzhaber, 1995-2003

Family: Wife, Jen; daughter Madeline. Grant Park resident since 2002

Serving as your State Representative is a privilege. I promise to take this responsibility seriously. Because I want to stay independent in order to best represent your family's interests, I am not accepting money from Political Action Committees or lobbying groups.

I have more than a decade of experience with issues that affect all Oregonians, such as energy policy and the state budget. My work at Metro on our region's livability has given me experience with local issues and prepared me to be an effective State Representative for our district.

I pledge to be straight forward with you, drawing on my experience and professional judgment to do what is right for our friends, neighbors and families.

With your help, I pledge to:


John Kitzhaber, MD
Oregon Governor 1995-2003

Hardy Myers
Oregon Attorney General

Rex Burkholder
Metro Councilor

Patricia McCaig
Former Metro Councilor

Mark Hass
Oregon State Senator

Sam Adams
Portland City Commissioner

David Bragdon
Metro Council President

Rod Park
Metro Councilor

Phil Keisling
Oregon Secretary of State

Please contact me any time: 503-544-1276 or

(This information furnished by Friends of Coney.)