City Office
John Crane photo


Occupation: Management and Marketing Consultant

Occupational Background: Kidsports Executive Director, Financial Consultant, Pharmaceutical Marketing

Educational Background: Attended University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: Churchill PTA Chair


"I've lived in Eugene for over 46 years. I've raised my family and invested my heart and soul in this wonderful place. After watching some of our city leaders operate over the last few years, I've decided my children and grandchildren deserve better and so do yours. I believe it's time for people in Ward 7 to expect more from our leaders and to insist on a better kind of local politics. We deserve leaders who will be less divisive and more willing to do the hard work of forming consensus. We deserve a representative on City Council who understands our needs and will finally be an effective voice for our part of Eugene."


True Representation: "We deserve a City Councilor who will fight for the interests of Ward 7, not south Eugene."

Parks And Open Space: "While at Kidsports, I worked hard to help create more ball fields and places for our children to play. We need to spend our parks bond money as the voters intended; creating more parks in Ward 7, not stealing it away for another park in the south hills."

Working Toward Consensus: "We need a Councilor willing to work with others to build consensus on important issues, not 4-4 votes that divide our community."

Public Safety: "Ward 7 needs crime protection. We need a Councilor who will champion public safety and improve the moral of our police force."

Our Local Economy: "We need a City Councilor who will help create a better local economy with more family wage jobs, not one who will continue to drive businesses out of Eugene."

Potholes: "We need a Councilor that will fix our roads before wasting any more money on a new city hall."

(This information furnished by Friends of John Crane.)