State Representative
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Occupation: Realtor, Broker

Occupational Background: Sales Manager and Purchaser, Superior Tire Service;

Educational Background: B.S. in Political Science, Willamette University; Chemeketa Community College; Oregon State University; Gervais High School

Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Army; Army National Guard of Oregon

Family: Bruce's wife, Vonna, and their two youngest of four children live in Mehama.

Community: Member of Santiam Chapel, Lyons; Salem Association of Realtors; Active Business Promoters; Council of Residential Specialists, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

Bruce Cuff:

Conservative Values.

Conservative Principles.

Your Conservative Voice In Salem


"I will support no new taxes or fees on hard-working Oregonians. Government needs to focus on funding its core responsibilities first: Public Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Management of the Public Lands - They can't fund these with "leftovers."

BRUCE CUFF on Property Rights

"I will protect your private property rights and work towards an Oregon that respects the right of the owner over the right of the government."

BRUCE CUFF on Schools

"I am a strong advocate of school choice - both public and private. I believe providing parents with a choice will result in the best education for the kids, whether it is at home or classroom. This must be a top priority for any elected official."

BRUCE CUFF on Logging, Hunting & Fishing

"I'm a strong supporter of Oregon's forest resource community and will do all I can to ensure that public forestlands are a productive, healthy and sustainable market in our State."

"As your Legislator, I will be a constant advocate of your right to hunt and fish on public lands."

BRUCE CUFF on Families:

"Marriage and family values need to be protected and supported, not redefined."

Bruce Cuff is pro-life and will be a
strong pro-life vote in the Legislature.

"I want to be your conservative voice on taxes, property
rights, school choice, timber and families values in Salem."

"I ask for your vote in the Republican primary."
Bruce Cuff

(This information furnished by Friends of Bruce Cuff.)