County Office
Bob Davidson photo


Occupation: Deputy Sheriff, Major Crimes Detective

Occupational Background: 30 years local law enforcement; Hood River Police; Officer; Sergeant; Lieutenant; Hood River Sheriff's Office; Deputy; Narcotics Investigator; and Major Crimes Detective.

Educational Background: Hood River Valley High School, Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology, Southern Oregon State College; DPSST Advanced Police Certificate and Supervisory Certificate.

Prior Governmental Experience: Member of the Oregon Peace Officers Association; Mid-Columbia Narcotics Task Force; and the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association.

CORE VALUES: Dependable Leadership; Open Communication; Proactive Public Safety; Customer Service; and Teamwork.


When I am elected Sheriff, I will

Be committed to building and sustaining effective relationships with neighboring agencies and organizations such as: Schools; DHS/Child Welfare; and local community based programs. Safety in Schools is one of my top priorities. I will explore ways to reinstitute the SRO program in our schools.

I will be available to you. We can work together to meet the "CHALLENGES OF CHANGE" in Hood River County meeting the needs of all citizens.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Bob Davidson for Sheriff.)