State Representative
Hanten (HD) Day photo
Hanten (HD)


Occupation: Health System Analyst, Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research

Occupational Background: Health System Analyst, Education Specialist; Principal Contributor (Financial Research Analyst); Information System Specialist; Chief Research Analyst; Assistant Professor; World Health Organization Fellow at Harvard; Health Planning and Information officer; Practicing Physician…

Educational Background: Multiple Degrees in Medicine, Public Health, Research & Measurement and Quantitative Analysis (Statistics) and extensive training at colleges including Harvard, UConn, SCSU, U. of Maryland.

Prior Governmental Experience: State: Top-level analyst for Department of Human Services, Education and Admin. Services; County: Chair and vice-Chair of Marion Health Advisory Board; Vice President/Secretary of Marion Cultural Development Corp.; member of Marion Cultural Coalition Planning Committee; City: Keizer Volunteer Coordinating Committee; appointed to Keizer Budget Committee; Salem-Keizer School District (24J): Budget Advisory Team and budget committee; audit committee; West Salem Language Academy board member; student mentor and interpreter; LSAC/ PTC; citizen ambassador; coach, umpire. current School Board Director (Zone 3).


Community member of Statesman Journal Editorial Board;
President of Data Administration & Management Association- PDX;
President/Founder of Chinese Cultural Association & Language Academy;
Volunteer at numerous community, school events and youth activities (World Beat, etc).

Hanten Day (HD)
A firm believer in fiscal conservatism, personal
responsibility & strong family values

Hanten Day (HD)
A true representative of ordinary people & working
families, NOT special interests

Hanten Day (HD)
A tireless promoter of open and efficient Government
that's of, by and for the people

Hanten Day (HD)
A change agent for "HOPE" with character,
courage and conviction

H - Health Care Reform (Help the kids and the working uninsured)
O-Open Government (Openness, transparency and accountability at all
P - Public Security (Prevent crimes, Protect Communities, Patrol highways)
E - Education excellence, Economic Development & Environment Sustainability

VOTE for Change! VOTE for HOPE!
Vote for Hanten Day (HD) in HD19!

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