Judge of the Circuit Court
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Don A.


Occupation: Circuit Court Judge, Marion County.

Occupational Background: Circuit Court Judge (1998-Present); District Court Judge, (1995-1998); Business and Trial Attorney (1972-1995).

Educational Background: Law Degree Willamette University 1972; Bachelor's Degree in Economics, University of Oregon 1967.

Prior Governmental Experience: Circuit Court Judge (1998-Present); District Court Judge (1995-1998).

Dispute Resolution Experience: Trial Attorney (1972-1995); Private Arbitrator (1987-1995); Private Mediator (1992-1995); Judge Pro Tempore (1991-1995, six Oregon counties); Oregon Judicial Conference Dispute Resolution Committee (1995-1999); Marion County Arbitration Commission (1994-1995); Chair Marion County Dispute Resolution Commission (1995-Present); Oregon Council on Court Procedures (1995-2003); Oregon Law Commission (2002).

Judge Dickey handles domestic, civil and criminal (murder) cases and facilitates settlements of civil cases. He has served as President of the Marion County Bar Association, coach for Leslie Little League, Instructor in Trial Practice at Willamette University College of Law and Instructor at Oregon Trial Advocacy College.

A resident of Salem, Judge Dickey is married to Circuit Court Judge Jamese Rhoades; they have raised two children.

Judge Dickey enjoys a reputation as an effective problem solver. His experience as a firefighter, mill worker, school teacher, basketball referee and lawyer provides common sense. His wide variety of professional matters (contracts, personal injury claims, employment matters, construction cases and corporate law) provides a solid legal background. He is well qualified and well respected.

"As a parent and neighbor, my primary concern is the quality of life in our community. As a judge, my goal is to improve the responsiveness of the courts to community values. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve." Don A. Dickey

Endorsed by:

Honorable Pamela Abernethy
Honorable Claudia M. Burton
Honorable Dennis Graves
onorable Joseph C. Guimond
Honorable Thomas M. Hart
Honorable Mary M. James
Honorable Terry A. Leggert
Honorable Albin W. Norblad
Honorable Joseph V. Ochoa
Honorable Jamese Rhoades
Honorable Susan M. Tripp
Honorable John B. Wilson
Honorable Paul J. Lipscomb Presiding Judge

(This information furnished by Don A. Dickey.)