Judge of the Circuit Court
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Occupation: Attorney and Counselor at Law

Occupational Background: Research Assistant Bureau Governmental Research & Services and Oregon State University Sea Grant Program, Jackson County Deputy District Attorney, Instructor Fire Law RCC, Special Assistant Attorney General for Oregon, SAIF Corp, Arbiter, Mediator, Attorney, Municipal Judge.

Educational Background: Southern Oregon College, University of Oregon School of Law

Prior Governmental Experience: Deputy District Attorney, Special Assistant Attorney General, Municipal Judge.


Your Judge must be fair & impartial. Have an open mind - a willingness to listen to both sides before reaching a decision.
Your Judge must evaluate the evidence and apply the law, not make law.
Your Judge must view the Constitutions as the framework, and seek the original meaning of the Constitutions and not what the judge wants them to mean.
Your Judge must treasure and protect your Right to Trial by Jury.
Your Judge must believe in judicial restraint.
Your Judge must know we are a nation of laws & laws must be enforced.


31 years experience as an Attorney at Law. All based in Jackson County. Tried cases from the coast to Ontario & from Medford to Portland.

A Great Diversity of Experience. I've prosecuted criminal cases. I've been a defense attorney. I've represented an insurance company. I've represented employers and represented workers. I represented people in real estate, domestic relations, business, and even mining matters. I've appeared in Federal Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals. I've been an arbitrator, mediator and judge.

I understand how things work. I've been around courthouses for over 30 years.

A judge's role is to apply the law, not legislate from the bench. I will not short change you when you need your day in court.

My experience has taught me that I may not know everything, I do know the parties involved are the most important.

Cast your vote based upon your beliefs, convictions and values.


(This information furnished by TomD4Judge Committee.)