State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative.

Occupational Background: Business Management, Forest Products Industry.

Educational Background: Oregon State University, B.A. in Business Administration.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2007 - present; Vice-Chair House Committee on Government Accountability and Information Technology; Member, House Committee on Business and Labor; Member, Ways and Means Joint Sub-Committee on General Government.

Community Service: Coordinator, Oregon Autism Project; Capital Campaign and Master Planning Committee, St. Jude Catholic Church.


Last year, Chris Edwards said he would get to work for us. This year, Chris Edwards delivered.

CHRIS EDWARDS GOT TO WORK to make health care more affordable

Chris Edwards made prescription drugs more affordable by helping to pass the law making everyone without prescription coverage eligible for lower prices on lifesaving medicines.

CHRIS EDWARDS GOT TO WORK to improve our schools

Chris Edwards put more education dollars into the classroom by banning golden parachutes given to retiring administrators and reducing unnecessary health care costs by making health care more affordable for educators. Then Chris Edwards helped fund a full school year and cut class sizes.

CHRIS EDWARDS GOT TO WORK to end forced annexations

Chris Edwards passed a new law limiting cities from annexing local neighborhoods without a vote of the people.

CHRIS EDWARDS GOT TO WORK to cut government waste

Chris Edwards controlled state spending by holding agencies accountable to performance measures, and authorizing more spending and performance audits of state agencies to reduce waste. Then Chris helped institute a Management Consulting SWAT team to help state agencies improve performance, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.


Eugene Education Association
Oregon School Employees Association
American Federation of Teachers-Oregon
SEIU Local 503, OPEU
(541) 688-1594

(This information furnished by Friends of Chris Edwards.)