District Attorney
Mike Fagan photo


Occupation: Attorney and Counselor at Law

Occupational Background: Deputy District Attorney, Marion County District Attorney, Salem, Oregon; Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Order Clerk, Domestic Violence Unit, Multnomah County District Attorney, Portland, Oregon; Mission Commander Electronic Intelligence Aircraft, United State Navy.

Educational Background: Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark, Juris Doctor; Memphis State University, Criminal Justice Masters Studies; Valdosta State College, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy; Roxbury High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Deputy District Attorney, Marion County Oregon. After retiring from the United States Navy my Wife and I settled in Oregon to raise our Family. I completed Law School in 1997 and have practiced Criminal Law since being admitted to the Oregon State Bar that year. I spent more than five years prosecuting increasingly complex cases. I have worked closely with Law Enforcement Agencies and appreciate the challenges that are faced by the Deputies and Officers who are daily charged with protecting our communities.

Every candidate for District Attorney must be a lawyer. A successful District Attorney must be able to manage the budget and make long term decisions that ensure a proactive approach to community problems. As a Naval Officer I was responsible for conceiving and executing policies and programs that were at the heart of National Defense. I was entrusted with multi-million dollar assets and the employment of those assets. My leadership has been tested in the operational environment and in the daily responsibility of leading by example.
I seek the opportunity to serve the people of Polk County as District Attorney.

(This information furnished by Mike Fagan.)