Representative in Congress
Andrew Foster photo


Occupation: Business Owner; Graduate Research Assistant.

Occupational Background: Videographer, clients include British Labour Party, City of Corvallis, Oregon State University, University of Portland, Ethos Market Research, 1999-current; Market Researcher and Analyst, 2006-current; Athletic Events Manager, Oregon State University, 2000-2002.

Educational Background: B.S., Political Science, Oregon State University; Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

The U.S. Congress, particularly the House of Representatives, is the branch of the federal government created to be closest to the wishes of the people. This seat in the 5th District gives Oregonians a chance to send a fellow citizen to Washington to continue to look after the people's business.

It is time to get serious about alternative energy, for true national security, to protect our planet, and to propel the economy of Oregon. We are ideally equipped to lead the world in new energy innovation, including research and design as well as manufacturing. I will work to make Oregon a leader in creating new jobs in new industries. There is an exciting opportunity to expand on some excellent work already underway in our state.

Another major issue for which we must demand results is health care. We have some of the best medical care in the world, but its availability is tragically uneven, and horribly expensive. Too many health care dollars are diverted away from actual medical care and toward the bureaucracy of managing and insuring health care. Children, adults, and families need action on health care. We need to reform this system so that every American can afford medical care, also to assure that Oregon businesses that offer health care can be competitive locally, nationally, and in a global economy. It is time for legislators of good will from all sides to work together.

I want to work on these and other issues for the people of Oregon, and I ask for your vote for Andrew Foster in the May Primary Election.

Our future begins today.

(This information furnished by Andrew Foster.)