State Representative
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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Construction; Real Estate; Owned & Managed Treasure House Restaurant

Educational Background: Southern Oregon College, Douglas High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Sergeant Green Berets; Past Chairman, Douglas County Board of Property Tax Appeals; Roseburg Planning Commission; Douglas County Sheriff's Department (reserve)

Community Involvement: Mercy Foundation; Wildlife Safari; Community Cancer Center; Winston Community Building; Umpqua Fisherman's Association

Family: Married to Lorraine for 35 years; 2 sons: Jason and Mychal

JIM FOX: Protecting Oregon Taxpayers

"I will work hard to keep taxes low on working families and ensure your tax dollars are spent responsibility, while protecting your tax kicker rebate. I will not support higher income, business or gas taxes."

JIM FOX: Protecting Private Property Rights & Natural Resources

"I support property owner's rights to build on their own land, and seek compensation when government takes away the use and value - rights you already paid for!"

"Jim Fox understands the contribution that the timber and resource industries make to our local and state economy. Jim Fox is a true friend of timber and agriculture."

Allyn Ford, President, Roseburg Forest Products Co.

JIM FOX: Protecting Seniors

"I support tougher penalties for repeat offenders of property crimes and identify theft. Our seniors and most vulnerable must be protected from these criminals!"

JIM FOX: Protecting Southern Oregon

"Umpqua Dairy has been a Roseburg-based family owned business since 1931, and high quality standards have always been an important part of our heritage. This is why I'm supporting Jim Fox for State Representative.

Jim Fox is a principled and dedicated family owned business owner. He'll work hard for all of us - business owners, ranchers, farmers, and working families."

Steve Feldkamp
Umpqua Dairy Products Co.

JIM FOX: Protecting Conservative Values

Jim Fox pro-life and will be a strong pro-life vote in the Legislature.

Jim Fox is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and will protect your right to hunt and fish.


(This information furnished by Friends of Jim Fox.)