County Office
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Occupation: Insurance and Financial Services

Occupational Background: Insurance and Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction, Trucking, Retail, Timber, Farming, Reserve Deputy Sheriff

Educational Background: BA in Business Administration

Prior Governmental Experience: Madras Urban Renewal Task Force

It is up to the citizens of this county to decide our destiny. I will listen to all our citizens, and try to help move this County in a direction beneficial to all of us, helping reach our potential while protecting our livability.

Some changes need to be made in the way we are doing business in Jefferson County. We need good new businesses to locate in this County and offer decent paying jobs to our residents. We have chased good businesses away, because we do not have an environment conducive to business. We need to attract new businesses and see how we can help our existing businesses. To stay financially healthy, there must be some growth. Not so much it destroys who we are but enough to provide homes and jobs for our children should they decide to stay in the area.

Sometimes elected officials forget that it is our dollars they are spending. No funds mysteriously appear to be used by government. We are all contributing through the taxes we pay. The more that is spent, the more we pay individually. It is a huge responsibility to spend money which belongs to others. I will do my best to make every dollar count.

The county government needs to speak with one voice. We must have a game plan and all decisions need to support the over all plan. It is not efficient for each department to be managed separately from all the others. If there is one set of goals and all departments are striving for that goal, co-operation and efficiency will be enhanced. To provide the services needed in our communities all the levels of government need to coordinate, not be pulling in separate directions.

(This information furnished by Michael Goss.)